At Nicopod World, we only source tobacco-free Snus from trusted brands, suchas Pablo, White Fox, Lyft, Killa, Candy Shop, Supreme, Iceberg, Nordic Spirit,and the Russian Snus brand Kurwa. We also have tobacco chewbags from Siberia Extreme.

We also offer wholesaleprices for our products, and you can mix-and-match boxes with multiple brands.We supply all your favourite flavours, from Killa Cold Mint to Candy Shop ColaCherry, and our helpful online chat service can help you find the perfect flavour.

Nicopods offer a discreet, smoke-free buzz and they are stored incompact tubs so they can be enjoyed on the go in public places. We also offer our own premium aluminium tub for elite users which is available under accessories. They offer the buzz of nicotine without emitting fumes or staining your teeth.

To discover more about our Nicopods, you can read our FAQ and get in touch by emailing info@nicopodworld.co.uk. You can speak to a member of our team directly by sending us a message on Whatsapp or texting +447984 688021.

TrustPilot Testimonials

Good range of products, quckily delivered & well price.

Seb Strong

Delivery always speedy, let’s you mix and match to your desire. Nothing to fault keep up the good work

Joey Goodhall

Safe transactions and very reliable.

Purchased wholesale multiple times, responsive and reliable and safe transactions!


Being a company based in UK I'd like to state I live in USA. It literally took 3 days to arrive. Great tasting and great nicotine levels. Will definitely be ordering again!

Dylan Porter

Great service, very happy with the products & delivery is fast.

Tyreek McCallum

Great service!

Arlind Jashanica

Great service every time. Pick up/ delivery, always on time. Good prices. Great stock of snus to chose from. Not had a bad shop and used these for a while! Happy days!

Jack Cartman

Amazing service with delivery always on time, gave me an extra tub due to their being an issue with discount always the best service.

Chloe Hyamson

Great communication, no troubles getting the products. Me and my friend have purchased several times - very good products buzzing in my area right now !