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What Is Snus?

Here at NicoPod World, we supply customers in the UK with a range of tobacco-free snus style brands. Nicotine pods are the next elevation for smokeless smoking inspired by Swedish snus. These high-quality nicotine pouches deliver nicotine without tobacco, in a delicious range of flavours. Our range includes popular brands, such as Nordic Spirit and White Fox. Our customers can choose from the best brands to suit their flavour and nicotine preferences. 

Our brands use a high-quality mix of plant fibres as filling that will not stain teeth. The best way to enjoy a nicotine pod is to simply place it underneath your upper lip against your gum and wait for the release of flavour. They are great for on-the-go use, compact enough to fit in your pocket. As they do not emit fumes, you can consume them legally in public places. 

Our Range

Our tobacco-free range comes in an array of flavour profiles. A classic choice is mint flavour, all our brands carry their own version. Lyft has a great range of minty flavours at a lower nicotine level of 8-16MG/1G. The Lyft Ice Cool is a popular choice for those wanting to try these products for the first time. The Ice Cool mint flavour is refreshing and crispy because of its peppermint flavour, with sweet undertones and herbal notes due to the inclusion of spearmint flavours. For those that want to try something more intense, Pablo Ice Cold packs a powerful punch. Pablo Ice Cold has a nicotine content of 50mg/1g of 20 pouches, delivering an invigorating minty taste.

If mint is not your thing, all our brands offer other tobacco-free flavour options, including fruit, candy, and popular drinks in a range of nicotine levels.

An alternative to snus is chewing tobacco, another form of smokeless tobacco. Unlike our other products, they include the tobacco leaf and offer a more authentic experience. Siberia chew bags provide the highest strength of chewing tobacco for the more experienced consumer. The chew bags individually supply 43mg/g in a fresh spearmint flavour.

Your Local Snus Shop

You can browse through our selection of snus for sale on our website for individual use or arrange with us a wholesale order. If you require more information on the intensity of our products, look at our Nicopod World Intensity Rating page to help select the most suitable options for you. When you are looking for your Nordic style snus store near me, we can provide everything you require with fast delivery UK wide.


At Nicopod World, we offer an extensive range of nicotine pods from the most popular brands, including Pablo, White Fox, Lyft, Killa, Mad, Supreme, Nordic Spirit, Iceberg, and more. We offer same day deliveries on orders placed before 3pm. Next-day shipping with 1st class aims to deliver the next working day including Saturdays but can take up to 3 days. Our special delivery option arrives the next day, including tracking updates. You can also look at our FAQ page for more information.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to us about our products or to find out more about us, contact us via or call us on +44 7984 688021.